A spirit wear brand that's about you.

The court. The sideline. The stands. Rokkitwear is a brand dedicated to redefining how we think about spirit wear: how we buy it, where we take it, and what it means to our communities. When you shop at Rokkitwear, you can find apparel to suit any situation, and it's custom-decorated to ensure it fits into your lifestyle as seamlessly as possible.

To reflect the way it aims to make spirit wear both functional and fashionable, the Rokkitwear brand needed a simple, bold visual message. The flagship campaign evokes Susan Alinsangan's iconic iPod silhouette ads. Simple line art depicts people from all walks of life in a variety of contexts, united by the anonymity of the style and the singular focal point: the product, fully detailed and textured.

With the help of this groundbreaking campaign, Rokkitwear has become a pioneer in leading the spirit wear industry to an online model focused on customization and service to the communities it is intended to support.